Beginning as a college lecture series, E.S.2020 by Holding Court is the multi-platform sustainable fashion educational program.  It is our mission to reinforce fashion industry values in order to protect the environment, bolster social equality and the economy through the awareness of fashion’s darkside.  E.S.2020 by Holding Court is a digital platform that connects eco-ethical businesses, human rights storytellers, slow fashion artists to students and mass media through lectures, art installations told in documentary style shorts.

We Believe

fashion is active and information is empowerment. Through storytelling, art and purchasing power we can prevent pollution, strengthen the economy, and stop the cycle of poverty and unethical treatment of garment workers internationally.


The Movement

E.S.2020 Lectures and Entertainment are designed to equip students with the knowledge of Purchasing Power and Activism pointing them in the direction of Holding Court and other sustainable brands as a solution -  a one-time event hosted by college student clubs.  In collaboration with schools of design and merchandising, for extra credit, students are invited to a one hour lecture on the subject of fashion pollution and the unethical manufacturing practiced by the fashion industry.  The event entertains with a Holding Court She Rules / He Rules / We Rule student fashion show, interactive games, film, art installation and shop. 


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The Information

Presently, the garment industry is saturated with synthetic fossil fuel fibers and chemically treated organic materials that are processed in facilities that spew harmful waste into the environment, contributing to carbon pollution, hazardous waste, disease and much more. Purchasing garments made from environmentally conscious materials is the remedy. 

Fashion is one of the pillars of the global economy, but it grossly benefits the already wealthy and marginalizes textile workers. Furthermore, 97% of clothing manufacturing in America is outsourced. E.S.2020 educates the youth on how they can contribute to their local economy.

One in six people work in the textile industry, many in unsafe conditions where they are underpaid and overworked. E.S.2020 provides insight as to how we might improve working conditions internationally.